How I wish I had a sister too..

How I wish I had a sister too

On whose shoulder I could heve cried

At my first breakup..

With whom I could have shared

My first recipe

Or smudged her makeup ..

Whose hair would I have pulled when I would fight

The soft giggling I could have heard

When she would see me in fright..

If I had a doubt,

I could have approached her

Without a second thought..

If I was not self aware,

I could have found my way

By sharing her top..

I could have spoken about friendship

With a deeper meaning..

I could have been warned

When my thoughts slipped to

A Sinful feeling..

Oh, I could have felt proud

In front of her boyfriend ..

By clutching his hands and conveyed,

She is not alone, my friend..

This is an ode to the sisters of the lucky souls

For those who still haven’t found the best friend in them, look closely..

And to those, who don’t need to find a best friend, anymore, you have chosen wisely..

– Aman


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