I Turn to You..



I feel You here, I feel You now,

I know that You are nearby, somehow!

I complain to You more than I thank You for things,

Oh, Dear Krsna, Your name, a smile to my lips it brings!

You teach me lessons and You teach me to be wise,

Your way of communication is always a surprise!

You smile all the time and listen to everyone pray,

Your love and affection doesn’t allow me stray!

The magic you have, I cannot in words describe,

For eternal membership in Your service, I wish to subscribe.

Every time I look at You, You leave me mesmerized,

That’s Your grace, this fact so few have realized!

Forgive me for all the mistakes, lapses and spiritual disarray,

Your trust in me I shall never betray!

I thank You, my Lord, and offer heartfelt gratitude,

Please let me always love and serve You with the right attitude!



-Visata Anandani

– Originally published in December, 2013


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