You are Morning..

Your face, it reminds me of the freshness in the air The cherry blossom cheeks of the winter Your eyes find me in the series of dreams I am yet to finish Wanderlust I feel, and the reality that lies in yonder. Your hair flows like the strings of every moment of the day I … Continue reading You are Morning..

Dreams and thoughts..

A Few hard lessons that I have been learning for the past 15 years. I have also tried to practice and remember it day in and day out for the past 8 years. Now, I have realized that not everything works the way we plan. Illusion of Control - We should control things that can … Continue reading Dreams and thoughts..

2020 !

The year that belonged to a virusA virus unseen unheardThe year that created a ruckusNegativity in every word Few humans on the streetWith no usual way to greetBut animals and birds are now freeLike never before, dont you agree? Time will pass at the speed you wishFast for some, slow for the sluggishThe year will … Continue reading 2020 !

Kiss of the wings..

I often wandered the sky,Thinking of the heights I could reachHaving found the vantage pointfathoms called upon to breach.Having touched the zenith,I dwindled a bit, thinkingIf my wings were wrong,Or if the directions were weak.Only my Heart knew, I was not only meant to flyBut also kiss the abyss.~Aman