Poem Poem Poem

Poem Poem Poem

There is no better medicine

for my stress as Poem.

Poem is my anger, Poem is my Pain

Poem gives me company

when I am left alone in the Rain

For I found my poet

When my heart left for someone

My head kept on writing the feelings

of Love, of Rejections, and

my trials in vain.

Write your thoughts

for it does not have to rhyme with other’s whine

How silly it sounds

When our hearts disobey to Rhyme with other’s Lime.

Be it about your stupidity, of your embarrasement, of your trials and turbulations

or of your achivements

We Shall Write your feelings with full gratitude

For it takes a huge courage to be beautiful

and to say the truth

That puts your heart out beating

out in the lane.


So, What’s your game?


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