Writing has been one of the Primary mode of communication, the thoughts through which has been preserved through ages. It is all about expressing the feelings. Be it about writing a complaint to your grandma, writing a poem to express love or hate for the weather, writing to show happiness when you are playing in the mud, writing to talk to yourself even if others think it’s crazy, writing to preserve the thoughts (to save them from crashing), or writing to be a thought (Like the legacy of Batman) or Ra’s al Ghul.

In today’s time, writing has been taken over by typing which is affordable, time saving and, cleaner in appearance. However, the charm of your Handwriting will never go away. Let it be the handwriting which is most beautiful or be it the Doctor’s words of patience, here you will not be discriminated.

Send us your writing even if it is typed, or send us a photo of what you have written. Originality shall be welcomed with warm hugs. (The messier it is, the better it will be) and of-course for the poised writers, the Best that you have chosen for us.

We would actually love to see you writing in the language other than English too. Any Language. Klingon shall be preferred to all.

You can write an essay here, or you can write a song too, you can write a poem here, or a musical note too. Be it an array of unlimited words, or a straight ONE Word. We shall publish your heart & mind, even if it is in Morse Code too- … . ._. .. _ _ _ .._ … ._.. _._ _ “Seriously” in Morse Code. Trust us.

So pick up the paper and a pen and start jotting down your feelings about “ANYTHING” with the Limitless expanse of your mind and the heart. And We shall Publish it here for you.

The only thing we will not publish are the words that has the potential to break the love for writing and reading for others!- No name taking, seriously!

You are allowed to make your readers happy, sad, cry, tearful, joyous, and even hurt them right in the feels.. Deep within.. But please don’t take away their right to love the independent expression of your feelings.

If you think we are worthy to share your feelings, we will be waiting eagerly for you to write to us at:


Really hoping to share with the world your inner True You!