Dreams and thoughts..

A Few hard lessons that I have been learning for the past 15 years. I have also tried to practice and remember it day in and day out for the past 8 years. Now, I have realized that not everything works the way we plan.

  1. Illusion of Control – We should control things that can be controlled. Just focus on the things you can control and go to any extent to achieve it. Try to control the outcome of which is in your hand. If you win, it brings all the joy in world. And If lost, take the learning outcome. Don’t worry about things you cant control. Because you can’t control it anyway. Don’t waste time in assessing and reassessing it. Especially, don’t pity yourself for something that was not in your control in first place to make a change . Rather focus purely on what can be changed..
  2. Illusion of Tomorrow – Dont stress about tomorrow… especially what happens about the results for the things you are working today. Instead enjoy the process of hard work, making yourself control the smaller everyday steps that leads to the result. and don’t think or worry about result ( yes with practice of years it’s possible to live that way, these are not just words).
  3. Work without Qualms– Work towards anything that can be changed. Work with the intention of a greater good, not just for selfish reason. Everytime when you want chnage something, think from a society’s perspective. How is your action necessary for a society or unnecessary for the society. When decisions taking becomes confusing, this is easiest way out. As long as your intentions are correct, end result do not matter.
  4. Change is everywhere – Everything changes, every single effing thing in this world changes. Even if you just continuously sit in a place for years, the place you sit is bound to change. You will change. As long as you are a living, anywhere you plant yourself or you feel stuck or you feel like drowning, the situation will change. Hence, don’t plan a lot when you have too much good happening. It’s bound to change. Don’t worry or cry much when bad things are happening and it’s not something you can control. Even that will change.
  5. Survival– No matter the difficulty, no matter the situation, you will survive it somehow. It’s inbuilt in you as a creation to survive. To not destroy yourself. Even when one tries to destroy oneself, entire cellular structure, the brain, everything inside that is involuntary is fighting to survive. Which means that your primary purpose is to just be there, live through and survive. It doesn’t mean that you will come out of it all amazing, but you will survive it.
  6. Live a concert– We are all part of a bigger creation.. Here to experience things. Good and Bad… When you feel you are unable to experience certain good things, just because you did not have control on it, know that someone, somewhere as a human is experiencing it. And eventually you and them will come to same source, and everyone’s experiences on earth will merge. It won’t matter anymore. Be happy thinking that someone else is happily living or enjoying something you couldn’t. They are a part of you, just a different version of the same paradigm.
  7. It shall pass -Because of this logic, just be there and experience good and bad. Be an all rounder. It will all pass… work hard… change what can be changed, work hard and keep trying and keep ignoring things that can’t be changed. Because one day eventually the chance to work hard towards something will be taken away considering the body strength is limited. And at that time just rest. But now, work hard, and laugh hard. Ignore the things that can’t be controlled.

~ Ushas


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