Let’s walk..

Come hold me, dear friend,
When I am tired of the world,
Want it all to just end,
Let go of weight from my shoulders.
Hold it for me,
I am not ruthless to put them on you,
Hence hold me instead
Tight and secure, telling me,
“Everything is going to be fine”
“Everything you want will happen”
“Everything is easier than you think”
“This entire world is yours.
You created it inside your mind”
“You created even me”
“What am I here to do other than hold you tight, because I am inside your mind “
“But know this that, maybe I created you inside my mind”,
“Because for we both don’t know,
Where we came from”,
“But I will say this to you”,
“Everything has its way here”,
“This is neither the beginning”.
“Nor the end”,
“This has been happening,
Since the light was seen”,
“So, I am sure, everything is meant to work out in the end”.

~ Ushas


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