I finally did it..

28th May, 2018

I have been thinking about it for so many days. Why does it happen to me? Is it the courage? Is it about the timing? Am I not good looking? Am I seeing this with a different mindset? A narrow one??

I feel depressed that I have no one to tag along with me. Like with someone of my age, with whom I can share my vulnerable side. To whom I can really say that I love her and would want her to be my mother’s best friend, and take my brother’s side against me, and tell my dad that it’s not okay to not exercise, because he will take it seriously if told by a different person. I mean, someone whom I can think of calling a family. It’s a faar way thought but I want to meet that someone somewhere, soon. It’s been very late now. And I am losing hope.

Today, I went out with my friends to a dinner party in a pub. Half way through the time, we see two cute looking girls coming in the pub and taking a table to themselves. I almost fell for the one who was wearing a batman t-shirt. Waoo. Batman t-shirt.

My friend asked me if I would dare to ask the girl, if I could buy her a drink?

Very nicely I said, “NO”

“Why not?” He asked.

“I don’t know.. I don’t want to get slapped or get kicked out in front of everyone.”

“No one will kick you out, chill. I am there. If anything bad happens, I ll take care of it. If you get any good out of it, it’s your courage. You may not get this chance in the future. Go for it!”

I fumbled and I said, “Let me think about it.”

I started thinking about all the lines that James Bond used in the movies. I could not recollect any.

He asked me again, “Are you still thinking?”

I said, “I am visualizing how it would go!”

Then I got up and went to their table and the conversation went as below.

“Hi, umm, may I buy you two, two bottles of beer. Would you mind that?”

“Why would you want to do that? Is it a dare?” One of them asked.

“No, it is not a dare. It’s for me. I have never asked any girl for a drink before. And besides, I like you two girls.” I said with a friendly shrug.

I was numb .

“Thank you so much. We won’t mind” The other girl said and shrugged with a cute smile on her face.

I got some motivation.

I went back to my table and asked for two beer bottles. I delivered it to them and said, “Thank you, please enjoy!”

I know a lot of things went wrong in the conversation on my part but it was a start. I did not get slapped. I did not say anything cheesy or obnoxious. I was not kicked. Because I think I did not cross any line and I told them the truth. Straight out of the oven.

May be next time I will dare to say something more, something sweet to someone else with more courage. And spend sometime listening to their stories or what they have to say, if I reach that stage. But yeah, thank you Nav, for giving me that opportunity that I dared to take. It was for ME. Someday I might find that special one on my way of courageous leaps and bounds. Running and waiting.



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