Just a memory !!


Its been a while since I have been myself,
All I do is keep checking for a call or a text on my cell.

Going through our pictures, makes me relive those moments we spent together,
Fighting, laughing, crying , playing , loving , kissing all made me feel better.

Every gesture, every word, every smile & every touch,
Your lips so soft, your love so humble.

Your hands so warm & affection so much.

Never was there a time, that I let go off an opportunity to be with you,
Missing my classes , going home late, making up stuff just to spend some time with you.

My mind decides every time not to see you anymore,

But my heart refuses to agree with my mind,

It is because of the way you hold me,

The way you caress me ,

The way you hug me,

That for you I will leave the world behind.

You know how to woo me, you know how to calm me down,
You know everything about me but we are still STRANGERS around.

The time I described has all passed by,
That love that we shared disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Your smile, your laugh, your gesture, your talk,
Every little thing we shared seems unreal & a space walk.

I don’t know what was between us or if there was anything at all,
For it was certainly not love, as love doesn’t exist & that’s my call.

I miss you so much , but now US is past,
Its JUST A MEMORY & that’s all that is going to last…

-Visata Anandani

Originally Published in the Winter of 2011..


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