Hello, my demon.. Greetings again

Here you are again
On the same trodden path..
Opening up, but defining the lines
Lines which are foggy, but you know it exists
If I cross that, I will be hurt
You want me to cross that line,
but my thoughts stop me
My experience says no, but the heart says yes
My mind says no, but the fingers won’t stop trembling with excitement
It’s a trap, speaks the left, give it a chance, says the right.
Don’t go over there, not to the hellish road again,
Now my mind is numb once again
It doesn’t hurt anymore. I am worried about not being worried anymore
I have to say this aloud and have to listen to what I say
Will this stop my thoughts?
Will it control my over thinking?
Will it kill me for once?
I am not going on the edge again.
Keeping myself safe I think, It’s coming once again after a full circle
Is it a curse? Is it only in my head? Is it me who is making things up?
If yes, how do I stop it? How do I control it?
Now I am in a loop.
Rest until tomorrow. Your dreams will add fuel to the fire.

You must be happy now, aren’t you? My Demon!

Let’s dine together..


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