Happy New Year, 2021

Just wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous, and a Healthy new year.

The past year has not been very kind to many of us, but has left us with numerous memories, appreciation and gratitude for the things we still have, and ofcourse helped us find happiness in the smallest of things.

The professions that were not in the main stream media, were the ones which saved the day. And we are thankful to that. Was it the full cycle that we witnessed in the past? Just think about it.

We do like surprises, but the surprise box of 2020 was not all what we had imagined. Still, we were grateful for our health, for our busy lives, and the warriors standing and working to make sure we continued cribbing in the safe corners of our homes.

Really hoping, that 2021 is kind on us all, and we are kind with others, and more importantly, with ourselves!!

Cheers to 2021….


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