2020 !

The year that belonged to a virus
A virus unseen unheard
The year that created a ruckus
Negativity in every word

Few humans on the street
With no usual way to greet
But animals and birds are now free
Like never before, dont you agree?

Time will pass at the speed you wish
Fast for some, slow for the sluggish
The year will pass, a new one will come
With new experiences, perhaps less worrysome !

Don’t blame the year, it’s not its fault
When the happiness has to come dont let it halt..
Accept the time for what it is
Make it an opportunity, not a crisis!

~ Shamita

( Shamita Bhatkar, popularly known as Shamita or Shams, is a Music Producer/ Director, who has contributed to many projects in the Bollywood industry. She loves to sing, has a bright smile, and likes to write.)


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