A prayer, and a thought…

Amidst this crisis, if I can see a ray of hope, it’s that people have found an excuse to reach to those, whom they regret not reaching out to ask of their wellbeing in the past, and that they have become closer to those who they care about.

There has been a grave loss for those in the affected countries, and the count does not seem to slow its pace. The prayers for the strength to cope up with the loss of life goes out everyday. The prayers for the strength to cope up with the weak body, weak mind, and weak spirit goes out to those who are in contact with this pale virus everyday.

And the prayers for the enduring spirit goes out to every house who has been contributing to keep others safe, by adhering to the strict lockdown with precautionary measures. Our teachers, and schools, whose lessons of personal hygiene we are following today in this crisis. And especially to those houses, who have given this world, the taken-for-granted professionals, the environment for those who could have the patience to become the doctors, the care giving heart to the medical care for the affected and aged, the heart-warming services by the those who have been standing as a wall between the cautious masses and the miscreant few. A God gifted blessing to you all.

When I see the birds chirping more than usual these days, and honking of the animated objects at the least, I wonder at times what the environment before the industrial revolution on the peak would have been. Listening to the tiny crunches of promising words now and then on the reduced pollution levels, or healing of the ozone layer is a tune to the ears. But to those who ask it, at what cost? I say, fucking “life”, you asshole. Economy can wait until the profits run dry. For the profits were only made to provide for such days at times. If you keep piling up the money, rather than spreading the base, one day the nature will call that bitch you call “gravity” to take care! And when it falls, it will not make a nice sound.

Let this be our understanding of the word, “integrated services, dependent living, co-existing community, inclusive economy” where we are not divided by our perception of caste, creed, or worst of all- the professions anymore. We can see what individual help can make a difference in their absence, and how we acknowledge their efforts. It is very important to set our priorities in order for the future, or else this is a cyclic world. What goes around, comes back around faster!

Just my thought!

– Aman


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