Dear Sand

This is an ode to the dream that I want to be a part of, but may never be. Yes, this is to you Sand. Please ignore the fact that it’s not actually a poem, in a way, I have poured my heart out to you.

I am writing this to remind myself in the future, whenever I will feel low, or become exhausted with depression, that there was a time when I was really happy. I was happy that I got to talk to you every day. I looked forward to it. Even a little chat used to make my day. Your Smile, though invisible through the calls, even under the stress of work, used to relieve the pressure off my shoulder. Even for a while, I was happy. I look up to you. I look up to your achievements, your behavior with others, and of course , I don’t want to sound creepy here ( I may have already), but your smile on the display picture takes my breath away.

Although way beyond the line drawn by the policies, I have held it to my chest my affection for you. But when I realized that you already have a boyfriend, I was not hurt so bad. We are oceans apart, our upbringings have been yonder apart, and then how could I not understand your position? But, to be honest, I love you as a friend that I have to talk to, even imaginary; I am filled with joy, whenever you come in my thoughts. And I am very happy to have a friend like you. And I promise that I will come to meet you one day, as an equal or above your expectations, and unexpected. That will be real fun.


Hey my infatuated love, please bless me with the sense to see the truth behind this loneliness and please give me the strength to achieve my dreams and make me work hard mindfully, to be what I deserve to be. You are my goal Sand. You are my goal!



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