Friendship doesn’t change.. it lives on forever..

I was older to him. Although, just a couple of years older, but we were best friends. We met in the school bus and since then, for the next 16 years, we have been friends. We have played cricket, basketball, table tennis, squash, badminton together but we hardly fought. We also tried the dexter’s laboratory experiments on his chemical sets, and I, personally, found the love of writing (good or bad, I don’t care) and reading through him. Through years, our priorities changed and our distances increased but somehow, whenever we spoke to each other, we spoke like it was just yesterday when he left for the further studies. This is how comfortable I am with him while we talk. Then, how can I judge him? I mean, even if I will try to, I won’t be able to. Ha!

Blessed be the day when he took the step to confess that he was different from the walks of others. A lot of courage was required on his part speak his heart and he spoke his might to me. And as a proud friend, I am, I accepted him with my open heart and thanked God for He found in my friend, that courage and the uniqueness which only few get to see it free.

I told him, that I am proud of him. He will always be the same friend for me, the same gentleman whom I looked upto so many times. I love you my friend! I’ve loved you for who you were, I am again very proud of you for what you have achieved and will be achieving in the future, and will always love you for who you are. I will always be there for you!

Let no one tell you that your heart needs a change.

Let no one tell you that your paths need a change.

Let no one tell you what you feel is wrong.

For if they have their crippling thoughts, it is to remind them that they couldn’t be free off their shackles of doubts, and yet, you have won over your dogma of fear and are free off your knots.

God Bless!



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