Will someone just listen to me?

Have you ever felt that you have lent your ears to someone and then they slowly sit on to your shoulders and just speak, speak, and speak and then with a multiple choice question, ask you, if you think what they say is right or wrong! And here you cannot pretend that you are listening, you have to actually be present to listen to them.

And after listening to them for over a period of time, a sense of numbness falls on your head, and you can feel the pain of a great listener. A question arises, who would listen to me with such care? Fuck, I long for such a soul at times. And to confide in someone is a great deal and for someone who rarely speaks of their problems, it could be a task/challenge to open up.

No wonder you will find the people with the deepest troubles and solutions to others with blunt but correct words on the community sites like 9gag, reddit, youtube etc under a mask of alias or pen names. The world around us is so intolerant that we have to resort to such measures to speak our thoughts. Because we don’t want to be judged. At times, I do feel that when I listen to someone, I judge them according to the thoughts and issues they discuss but quickly put a veil on my opinions of them because this is not what I am supposed to do when someone has confided in me to speak of their troubles.

And here I am, sitting alone in the crowd, and waiting for that soul who could lend me their ears like I have. Until then, signing off as my alias as..

Faithfully yours

F. Ather


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