Happy? New Year, 2020.. is it?

With the advent of this new year, new decade, new outlook to life, let us be positive towards our problems for sometime.

Let’s say to them that we have survived so far in the fight against you, we didn’t bow down. At times, we lost hope though, we kneeled, we stopped to take a break, but at the back of our heads, we always knew that our problems existed. You didn’t draw the sword for an unfair fight. You want us to fight against you. You like it, and now we have formed that taste to be appeasing. That’s what we meant by never giving up. We never stopped thinking about the problems, the solutions to it. We may have lost time in the fight, we may have lost the company of our loved ones while being tough against you. I know, they are in a better place now. And Now, it’s my time to be at mine.

It’s funny, that we have become friends, our problems and us. We are not scared anymore, but troubled thinking of how to get going. There are solutions to it, answers to the questions we asked, I know, that it has to be found by us. If we keep looking, we will find for sure. For, if our luck can give up against our hope in the past, why wouldn’t our problems’ give up? Just keep the fight on.

Let’s learn the basics. Let’s give ourselves a second chance, the third chance, the fourth, how many ever it takes. Let’s be happy thinking that we know how to read and re-read. Let’s be happy that if we haven’t found anyone to reason with, we have found our thoughts to debate with.

Let’s read more this day onwards, let’s exercise, let’s be healthy, both within our minds, and hearts. Let’s cross the ravaged road, why stop when we have already started our journey through it. Let’s be our own heroes, let’s be honest with ourselves, let’s do anything that drives us to our goals without hurting anyone – including ourselves.

Let’s win this War against our depression and find the reason to be alive. Happy 2020 ahead guys!!



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