Worst is over..

The time was flauntless,
No worry could reap,
The roads were moving smoothly,
where no stones could weep!

I hurdled and stooped suddenly
only to see if my friend,
was good behind me!

A revoking thought occurred
that put an end to my normality
I gushed to an open space
unknowingly to hit the present
and I made a bad flee!

Opened were my my eyes
to see the riders rumpled
and ghastly scratching into
one another!

Oh! Sweet God, I prayed!
at least my friend and me
were free!
Of all the trauma and
signs of battling ground,
where I led the face of
people all frowned at me!

I was upset as she consoled,
to give a realizing effect
a lady approached!

“Your life may be worthless,
Watch out for the others, you fool,
the one behind you and those affected, didn’t find it so cool”

These words hit like a sting
of a scorpion, not withstanding
my grief, results of may actions!
But of the moment, I acted unwisely,
being a coward I felt ashamed and…

My friend was next to me,
agreeing with me where she
should have chosen not to be,
I relentlessly opposed the righteousness
and she innocently agreed!

My mistake though not agreeable
to seek an apology.
Though we might be safe,
God Forbids!
the ramification could have been
a satirically chronology!

I wish it did not happen,
And I promise will never.
I owe my friend a BIG time
And to those emotions ruptured

As she said,’ The Worst is Over’
Not to worry my friend!
take a chill pill and
relax, it happens with every hand!

Soothing they seemed,
as these words comforted me!
Given a chance, I would repent that
in anyways that it could be !!


~originally written in the year 2012.


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