It’s never easy to say goodbye.

As the day draws near, my heart longs for every minute.

As I pack my things, memories are unfolding.

As I muster up my strengths to say goodbye, my tears won’t stop.

As I am preparing to unsettle myself, I am questioning every decision I took.

I am not feeling regretful, but am saddened thinking, how quickly life changes your goals.

One day I was happy having bought a bike, a table, a chair, imagining my theories of the future with my friends, and all of a sudden I have to part my ways.

Yes, it is a struggle to understand that nothing remains same forever, it will change. But everytime I leave the people who walked in to my life, for better and good, I just pray..

“Dear God, give them the same strength for good deeds, same push through tough times, the ability to think and come to a decision at tough situations, capability to understand things, and same enthusiasm towards their dreams, success, and imagined future, for which I pray to you every day for myself.”

It is never easy to say Goodbye, but if we don’t, then how will we meet next and say, “Here I am again”?

Smile!! 😊



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