Is it true?

Is it true that smart work today succeeds hard work?

Is it true that the education today demands more employability over morality in the system?

Is it true that the younger generation of today takes all the right decisions that the elders can’t perceive anymore?

Is it true that we have started to take decisions only on facts where earlier we used to make decisions in conformity with our hearts too?

Is it true that relationships today have become more practical than emotional? Have we stopped tolerating imperfections?

Is it true that lives was meant to be simple but we can’t live simple anymore?

What have we added in the definition of evolution, co-existence, and survival that we can’t stop but compete everytime? It gives us an adrenaline rush to get ahead of everything, everytime. Sometimes even with someone whom we love.

Is it who we are? Or, will this be us in the future?

Pause.. and think.



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