My First Bruno!!

I used to die waiting, to see him,
Not only of excitement but
Something unspoken that’s
Between best friends.πŸ’“

Brown was his hair,
sleek was his tail ! πŸ•
Given a chance to keep away from him,
I used to obviously fail.

Licking me and roaming all around,
sitting at my feet and humming romantic songs!
What pleasure did he get,
I cannot describe it without a song.😍

One day, on a sweet romantic walk,
He proposed me to wait all day.
From morning until evening,πŸ€—
I played as he Misbehaved.

His wagging tail showed how
Happy was he to find me,
My blushing cheeks and vampire like teeth😈
Showed him how excited was me.

Snatching away my shoes,
and irritatingly hovering over meπŸ§œβ€β™‚οΈ
showed only his sweetness and
pleasure that he found with mee.

We fell in love,πŸ’˜
though extraordinaire

our bondings were made in heaven
only we had to wait for the dare.

Oh! my brunooo,
my Lovely cute little Dog
We may not be playing
as much now, But,
Let’s be assured on one thing..
Let Death do us apart.πŸ’•


Originally published on 12th day of August, 2014


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