When the lizards show you the swag.

I am scared of the lizards at my house. Those unpredictable creatures. I am scared of the butterflies for the same reason. You can never judge their next move, next fight path, or the next target. Today they are making the moves to capture pebbles, stones, and walls, tomorrow they will capture the whole world. These creatures. Ugrr!

So I came home after a long day, and saw Mr. Lizard sitting outside the washroom door. I couldn’t hold it so I tried to shoo Mr. Lizard away. (Yes, Mr. Lizard will be called with respect by me. You’ll know soon, why!). I got angry and I screamed,”Go, Get a life dude!”.

Mr. Lizard went off. Just walked away. And did not show the face again, until 4 days later. And you know what? Mr. Lizard got his girlfriend along. That’s a fucking punch at my face by Mr. Lizard. #Respect now they are sharing a corner of a house with me.



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