Listen to me..

It seems dark, although everything is visible.

Everything is working as it should be

There is a flow to the movements. The trend is predictable, the learning curve is free

I wonder where am I? All thoughts seem to seize. The hours, the minutes, the seconds are not making any sense to me.

Comfort for me now is like a trap, the more I get to it, the more it gets to me. Nothing feels challenging and nothing seems uneasy.

All feels usual, my question for my purpose is lost, what am I here for, I don’t agree.

We are in the age, where the discoveries are not in vogue. The inventions are not for the common holds.

The thrill of education is lost, all we find is the degree with which our happiness often disagrees.

God particle, the black hole we speak about, the practicality of the ozone is having us torn apart.

The greenery is gasping for some, on the parallel roads, our life is begging to run.

We still discuss the dimension of the earth, where with every tick of the clock, the blue colour is grappling the earth’s girth.

I dont understand this dilemma.

What to believe and what not to, horrifying it gets in the void, I feel unarmed, un-raged, and very annoyed.

This moment seems as yesterday.

It seems dark, although everything is visible.

~Random thoughts of Aman, of the night.


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