1st date with Google Mini

Got Google mini. Set it up and all ready to use it.

Me: Hello google. Please play a song.

Google Mini (GM) : playing song from Google songs. Starts playing a sad song.

Me: hey google, next song.

Starts playing new song. This time Bhangra with good beats.

It is 11.30 in the night at this point.

Me: hey google, reduce the volume. Volume reduces.

Me: hey google. Reduce volume to 10. Superb. It gets very low.

Me: hey google. Increase the volume to 90.


Me: hey google, reduce the volume to 30.

In the mind of GM: ” F¥€k YOU B!÷€H !! ”

Song still playing at the loudest volume. A kid starts to cry around the house.

Me: ‘A little louder’ hey google, please reduce the volume to 30.

GM is in trance. No Can Do Mister. Get lost.

Me: ‘louder than before’ hey google, reduce the volume to 10. What is your problem? Pleae shut down.

Volume reduces drastically.

GM: I am sorry Aman. I don’t understand I can’t proceed with your request. I am seriously interested in helping you and having a chat. Excuse me if something doesn’t sound right.

Wow. That’s what it is to date google mini.



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