Indulgence, is it a sham(e)?

On one busy day, the sweets were offered..

Kept on the desk was a small box, a mail came through..

“Made up of happy sweets of U.P.,

come and taste it yourself, before the taste is only the word coming to you. “

Colleagues came swarming in, asking the reason to congratulate, but refrained from taking the bite and hated the wait.

Want and needs were clearly visible, the eyes didn’t lie, and their will to stop did tremble.

“I am working on my diet, alas, I ll miss that”

“I ll come to take a bite after the lunch, hope it doesn’t make me more fat”

Listening to the excuses, even the other sweet lovers dwelled into the thought.

They betrayed their sweet tooth, and took the lower road and fled the spot.

The sweet offerer was now perplexed and pondered over the reason on why didn’t the box empty itself? He held his head!

Then came the voice of the wishing princess in everyone’s mind!

“I wish I had burnt my calories today, I could have had atleast a bite”

“I wish I had exercised more often so as to take part in the celebration of my colleague’s winning feat and fight”

“I wish, I wish, and I wish all along, but I can never do.

Why my God, why do I only sit and work that I do? Why do I do this to me that I do?”

“Oh, yaaaa, the mail for chair yoga should be here and there!

If I can go through couple of them, then a bite from that box would be fair.”

“I hope others don’t look while I cheat on my sweet sugary plans, if they do, they would think, I do not belong to their clan!”

So many thoughts come and go.

But we don’t budge from the pain of refrain and then feel low.

Why should life be unfair we think! Instead of wasting time to dwell over it, we should start exercizing in a blink.

They say, it is 30 percent at the gym and 70 percent on the plate. Even the sweet is needed as essential, please do not forget that before it is too late.

Don’t over indulge in anything. Be it for the sweet tooth or the refrains. Balance your eating habits, exercise and get the confidence back to taste the sweet box again.

For our forefathers were stronger than us, just think what was it that they did different and how less of the food items did they ban.

And let’s live a happy and eat-a-licious days and celebrate each bite while we should and we can.



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