Glass- half empty or half full! Does this question affect you?

You will not be affected with the glass being half empty or half full, unless you are holding the glass. Or if it is your glass.

We tend to make a quick judgement on any social issues, but fail to take a charge to correct anything which is wrong and taking responsibility to do the right thing.

It won’t matter if the issue has no direct connection with us . But if it concerns us in anyway, it will be our nightmare and our first scheduled work of thoughts in the morning.

Why should we wait for someone to tell us that something which is not correct, has to be changed? Won’t you ask someone to do the same if it was affecting you? Why would you wait for some wrong doings to happen to you before you could take a step forth to acknowledge it and correct it?

I read about a very touching moment described by someone who visited Japan. She said that she experienced a daily learning and teaching experience there. She learnt that even if there is no one you think is watching you, stick to your morals and your discipline. You never know, a child on the brink of learning an important lesson might be watching you and tomorrow that child might become your doctor, lawyer, or develops any relationship with you and you will want to know if what he learnt during the childhood is right or wrong. And the seeds you had sown in that child’s development at that moment will come back to you. World is a small place, you know.

Don’t see the glass as half empty or half full. Take the initiative to do something more. Fill the glass to brim if it is the reason to be rejoiced, spill the content if it is a poison of any kind, or wash the glass so that someone else could use it or you could use it in the pristine condition as it was. Don’t wait up for that glass to be served to you. You might not get that chance to do any of the above at that point of time.



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