Do you have form?

With rough fractured edges like a weathered rock,

Or are you the fluid magma,

That forms the rock.

Are you symmetrical?

Like hexagonal honeycomb,

Or chaotic like the diffused scent of a wild flower,

That drives the bee made with desire.

Do you breathe, sleep, love or sigh?

Like mermaids or sirens in tragic Homeric fables,

Or are Bluefire (jellyfish), a luminesce pulsing presence,

In the abyss of Humankind’s ocean.

Are you a whore?

I can pay to escape for one night my marital bliss,

Or are the absolute invaluable freedom,

Of fake expression and your thoughts as I fuck you.

Naively, I picture,

If I knew your color- the warmth of your shades,

Your scent- the subtlety of your flavor,

Your melody- the raspy breath of your whisper,

I could describe a Human’s experience,

An infinitesimal sum of blurred realities and perceptions.

-Raghav Vij


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