Deadlines of Days..

It so happened, that we went into a deep talk over life’s lemons that fell upon our heads and subsequently discussing about what did we do about it.

Chatting for over three hours about it we realized that we were actually speaking about our emotions, our failures, our insights, our perspectives towards our problems. But we hardly spoke about the solutions to it. Maybe we wanted sympathy or felt empathic at most junctures. Be it about the timing issues that we faced, the rejections that tore us, new crushes we had in our life, or about the exes we wish to forgive and move on, or bring out our true potential in our day to day lives. We were actually speaking about our experiences that had shaped our life till now.

One question we constantly stumbled upon, was, that, when will we get the kick? That stun that shakes us from our dilapidated cocoons we call our blocked mindset? That spur of the moment thought that gives you a new purpose to be in this world? Indeed, we lost many opportunities on the way to achieve what we certainly don’t have today with us or could be worthy of. But those opportunities still remain our dream to seek. How to go about pursuing it now?

Then I remembered the day in my life when for the first time I realized that it is the mindset that requires the change. Literally, it is a particular deadline that we keep in our mind after which we allow our mindset to change and are with the flow of that change.

It was a quiet Wednesday that day, when I got that call. I still remember! It was my best friend. His anchor for 4 years who happened to be his love, had left him. He told me how cold that conversation was between them. He cried! That guy whom you have seen being happy all the time, cried! No words came from me. Just my presence was needed. Because I usually used to be on the other side talking to him. And thinking if to repete what he often used to tell me, was really the last thing on my mind. It went on for 4 days. He tried to come in terms with the change but was not able to. Change of appetite, place, routine, deodorant, and even the songs he heard came to no rescue. On Sunday he hugged me and said, “give me time till Tuesday.” At that point of time I was scared to even ask what he was planning.

I waited until the next day and tried calling him to see if he was alive, and yes he was, just not free to talk. Then I waited for the D Day. It was a bad wait though. After several missed calls, he came over to my house and asked me to come with him for a drive. I was even more scared now.

I went with him with a bag full of good motivational thoughts I had mustered with a lot of self help comments and topics to share with him and what came from him was worth the wait.

He said, he is over his bad days now. He told me all about what he has to get done, how is he going to do it, what obstacles he has to overcome and till when he wants to do it. All boiled to strict deadlines of the respective work and man, he was on. Over the next coming days, he started concentrating on his studies, exercising, his practical examinations, his preparations for his college admissions, his passion to learn new things and what not. He kept on improving in the field he looked for the scope of. He was flying.. Just that Tuesday, had changed his life.

Today, he has two patents of mechanical designs on his name and is on the verge of completing his PhD from a reputed university in the US. When I talk to him, I feel enthusiastic about my life again. He did not let his life to go down the cliff like it does for most of us. Instead he started to live truthfully to himself. I think, there is nothing left to break him.

Sometimes, when I see him or talk to him now, I feel that If something can be thought of, it can be done. Yeah, the more complex or superior the dream is, the more dedication we will require.

My friend’s Tuesday is not something that has to be decoded. I think that it’s the deadline that he gave himself to cope up with the loss he sustained and gave a room to his emotions to flow out with peace. And then, he was ready for a new day. It was hard for him. But it was done. It is going to be hard for a day, but the next day it will be done. It should be done.

I am not here to teach anything about self motivation, however I am waiting for my Tuesday to happen to me too. May be it was Yesterday. Shh, don’t tell anyone of your Tuesday, until and unless your success is making enough noise..



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