Fallacies of the present education system..

Scared he enters, scarred he returns.

Bequeathed with the history of knowledge as the ultimate power.. yet, seldom does his bravery returns.

Fed with the knowledge of the masses, but he fails to give the masses, anything in return..

What is the use of such education, which does not even quench the thirst of basic validation?

He is broken into pieces, compelled to mould with leashes, then the world tries to fuck his mind with the dreams of his oblique uniqueness and untouched turns.

He cries to just let him be.. he tries to look and see.. then he feels shy to open up.. and the world won’t let him fly of the unknown fear..

A pat of motivation is what he wants.. A hug of belonging what he needs.. a hand to push him to his dreams he seeks.. but the money comes in the picture and he freaks..

He then takes part in the rat race to finish.. puts his ideas and dreams on the cloud, only to see it’s strength diminish.. follows the same suit to reach the place, where he teaches the same things to the next-gen with a looping taste.

And then the world questions, where is our next Dr. Kalam? But no one realises, it was in the eyes of that budding kid, who instead ends up living with his qualms.

A cure for Cancer or AIDS could be in his brain.. but it does not reveals itself because his marks tells it to refrain. .

He mugs up the text before exams only to vomit it in time.. and then wait to see that shit, bring out the ultimate shine..

I am not against those who ace the exams with flying colours.. but complaining to those who fails to help be a catalyst and then blind the others with the veil of horrifying colours..

It is just a matter of time to realize the true meaning of education.. for what good will that treasure play if not used for salvation. .

Let’s not discriminate just because of those ticks and tocks of three scathed hours.. let’s look beyond the two digits and pursue the dream of open education vested with immense powers.

Let’s change the world before it’s too late.. and not stop ourselves and others to learn and grow. Here comes a punctuation mark of exclamation !

For the mind is the canvas and world it’s colours, so let’s enjoy the knowledge as pure celebration. .

– Aman


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