This Feeling…

This feeling, in my heart,
It’s what you feel in the start ,
It’s the one with which you never want to part ,
It’s not what I can put on a chart.
This feeling, it’s so faint,
It’s like the pastel shades of paint,
It’s so soft, like the prayers of a saint.
It’s an emotion , yet, it’s so quaint.
This feeling, it’s what I thought,
It’s what my eyes caught,
It’s something that can’t be taught,
It’s the battle won when the mind fought.
This feeling , I can’t say,
It’s the warm whisper when we pray,
It’s beautiful like the colour of the sky in the day,
It’s something I can’t express in words, even, if I may.
This feeling, it’s what sweeps you off your feet,
It’s what brings a smile and shows the teeth,
It’s him , and only him for who my heart beats,
It’s “my Dearest Krishna”, when I say this, this feeling repeats.
-Visata Anandani

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