I Have seen it Happening..

I have seen it happening..

All Around me..

The SACRIFICES They make from Their Birth.

Their first cry is joyus for Their beholder,

And a point for concern to others..

Although everyone says & compares Them

To the Avatar of The Supreme Being

But They seldom get this Heaven on the Earth

Few plan their Killing..


I have seen it happening..

In the corridors of the schools

Even if They perform well,

The reasons are questioned

On how others were fooled..


I have seen it happening..

At home They are asked

To handle all the chores,

Why were not the boys taught the same

When they had no knowledge of discrimination

As to who should be responsible

And who should not be forced..

Does it sound Lame?


I have seen it happening..

When they are married off

To a Strange Life, With all the Promises

Some are too good to be true

and some for the sake.

They still remember their happy days

They Smile and Laugh within

And cry missing them while

Setting the Cradle with a cute heartache tucked in..


I have seen it happening..

How They set the Duvet

On Their dreams, wants, and needs ..

Having that reassuring smile always

Looking at which you feel

That you won’t have to plead..


I have seen it happening..

When their anger is mistaken for their will..

All that has been achieved till now

Was for, Because of it, And shall be for

The Metaphorical and Philosophical

Treasury Bill..


I have seen it happening..

When the life circle comes half way

Instead of enjoying, They start to feel that fear

When someday They will have to write to Their lads

I miss you so much Dear..


I have seen it happening..

When Their lads have grown up

And have attained the age for rage

Their Mother’s advices are more of an unnecessary voice

Which they miss when they are stuck in a sinful maze.


I have seen it happening..

When Their presence in itself becomes a pain.

Somehow you feel embarrassed  and unapproved

Of the jokes that your Mother cracks at the time

When you were to impress someone

In return for a Stupid Grin.


I have seen it happening..

When they call to ask you

“How are you, My Love?”

I am fine Ma..

In half an hour, Can I Please call you?

Tic-Tok Tic-Tok

The time never comes

With each hangup, She gets disturbed

and Fearful of you.


I have seen it happening..

When with the happiness of the moment

She forgets her struggles

And her grown up suckers

Are quietly planning on how to get rid of

Her Slippers and Her Bags,

Which are not of troubling colours..


How can you do this to your Mother?

How can you live with that?

She is the only Soul who can offer you

a comfortable sleep on her Lap..


Wait for the day when the clock turns back

you shall feel the burden you had bestowed on her

When you will miss that smile on the face you could say

Oh, my Mother, Please call me back..


If there is still time,

For the time for Her is just your attention

Make good of your Sins you have committed

By Hugging Her, Kissing Her and

Saying to her with your heart,

“I will always be there for you Mom,

Like you were there for me,

Since the Beginning”


-Love your Mother.. She cares for you ..



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